Flowers grow through dirt

Children with dyslexia have to endure so many difficulties in their young lives! Parents and teachers – keep encouraging your dyslexic students. With your help, they will bloom into confident, awe-inspiring adults who are empathetic toward others’ needs. With their unique talents, gifts and experiences, they make the world a more beautiful place. 🙂



Heading to College, Part 1: Taking the ACT

The first in a series of weekly blogs detailing a dyslexic student’s journey into college (taking the ACT, knowing what questions to ask the admissions officer, campus tours, applications, essays, accommodations, recommendation letters, scholarships, and the rest!) — “Heading to College, Part 1, Taking the ACT”:

College Blog

Senate Amendments

Most advocates for dyslexic students are discouraged by the Senate’s recent actions. It is quite disappointing. However, I would like to point out that we have made a tremendous amount of progress. We have captured the attention of legislators who were moved to introduce changes that would benefit children with dyslexia. No, not all of the changes we wanted got adopted, but a few did. More importantly, we have placed dyslexia in the public and legislative eye far more prominently than it was before. So chin up! Keep trying! We’ll make more headway next time! Here is a complete list of the proposed amendments and the results:

Helpful Chrome Extensions

Helpful Chrome Extensions
no caps – Makes everything lower case
Open Dyslexic: changes the font to Open Dyslexic and makes it larger.
Dyslexie: changes the font to dyslexie and allows change to font size and colour (blue). Can be turned off. (Doesn’t seem to work on facebook)
Font Changer: Allows you to change the font on specific website or on everything using a Google Font. I believe you can also upload your own, if there’s a specific font you need.
BeeLine Reader: Uses a gradient so your eye follows along one line to the next

Overlays/Color change

Color Overlay – Irlen Filter for Chromebook: Puts a coloured overlay over the screen. can choose colour and opacity.
Sunglasses: Tints the screen grey to reduce contrast
Desaturate: Removes all colour and makes everything a greyscale
High Contrast: Change contrast or invert colour scheme
Deluminate: Similar to High Contrast, but tries to keep photos in tact
G.lux: Makes the colour of the display change depending on the time of day (also cuts down on blue light so it’s easier to fall asleep)
reduce visual distraction
Readability: Can change things such as margins, colours, etc… as well as reduce visual business
Ad Block Plus: blocks ads. What more needs to be said?
FlashControl: Stops flash animations running by themselves
Hide GIFS: Allows you to keep GIFS from displaying
Text Mode: Loads pages in black/white, covers images, with text only.
SpeakIt!: Reads small section of highlighted text aloud
Chrome Speak: Reads small section of highlighted text aloud
Announcify: Reads full web pages. Warning: may stop in the middle of text or not read for the full thing.

compiled by 18-year old Prinz Fee on Tumblr (