A Letter to Dyslexic Children from 41st Vice President Nelson Rockefeller

A Letter to Dyslexic Children from 41st Vice President Nelson Rockefeller:
“For I was one of the “puzzle children” myself—a dyslexic, or “reverse reader”—and I still have a hard time reading today. But after coping with this problem for more than 60 years, I have a message of encouragement for children with learning disabilities—and their parents. Based on my own experience, my message to dyslexic children is this: Don’t accept anyone’s verdict that you are lazy, stupid, or retarded. You may very well be smarter than most other children your age. Just remember Woodrow Wilson, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo da Vinci also had tough problems with their reading. You can learn to cope with your problem and turn your so called disability into a positive advantage.” Read the complete letter here: https://go.learningally.org/puzzle-children/

Dysgraphia affects more than handwriting

I have to admit, my dysgraphia causes me just as many headaches as my dyslexia!
Take a look at this mom’s experience and her attempt to understand how dysgraphia affects more than her son’s handwriting (by the way, it affects a child even more than what she mentions in this article):

Fun Pocket ABC book

Make your kids a cute pocket ABC-book that will always be at hand to help them learn the alphabet faster. Find two big buttons that will serve as the covers to your book. Cut out a chain of paper circles of the exact same size as the buttons. These circles are the pages of your book, and you can write letters of the alphabet on them. Fold the chain of circles and glue its ends to the buttons. Your tiny ABC book is ready!