“Visually Communicating with Dyslexics”


“Visually Communicating with Dyslexics” infographic by Katy Souders. “This is an infographic I made to go along with a research project I did on finding better techniques to visually communicate with dyslexics.” For a larger version, go to: http://grumbles87.deviantart.com/art/Visually-Communicating-with-Dyslexics-Infographic-448714009


Getting diagnosed

When a student has dyslexia, a formal diagnosis can be very helpful because it often makes obtaining accommodations less of a struggle. But how do you get a professional diagnosis?
There are several organizations that can help. You can sometimes get your school to test your child for dyslexia. If that doesn’t work, there are several lists of independant people and organizations that may be able to help you, such as the IDA.