Support group

Support group

The members of the Dyslexic Kids Support Group for Children and Teens are remarkable people and have such talent and creativity! This is just a sample of what a few members made in the course of one hour!

Dyslexia…the one label we don’t mind having

I receive complaints when I say someone is “dyslexic”, and that puzzles me. Why would anyone believe that label has a negative connotation? On the contrary, just a cursory glance at the list of famous and successful dyslexics should make everyone wish they could wear the dyslexic label. Being dyslexic means that your brain is not run-of-the-mill; it is capable of so much more than the ordinary. It is not the dyslexic student who is broken; the system is broken. It is not the dyslexic student who should be ashamed; those who are ignorant of, or unappreciative of, the student’s capabilities should be ashamed.
Wear the dyslexic label proudly.

Dyslexia Warrior Mom

I appreciate those who are concerned about not wanting to strap my child with a label. But, please know, I want my child to have that label. Not to define who he is, but to ensure an appropriate education.

Children who are not identified have no hope of receiving appropriate services. Currently the International Dyslexia Association estimates 20% of the population to have dyslexia while only 5% are identified.

Dyslexic children who are currently identified in schools are labeled. Instead of the term dyslexia, these children are given the label of Specific Learning Disability. Personally, I would much rather be called dyslexic than specifically learning disabled. Google both and experience the difference in understanding. Google both and see how many actors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and role models you find for either term. With the term dyslexia, resources abound for parents searching for answers with how to help their struggling child.


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