Success Story!

Success story! A note from proud mom Lisa Kelley, whose son is our latest hero: “My son has Dyslexia and passed all his GCSE’S today… just want to give encouragement to all young people on their learning journey, as it’s very difficult at times…its been a long and difficult journey for my son and as a Mum it’s torture watching them torture themselves through the challenges Dyslexia can bring. But with hard work and support everything is possible!! My son will begin college in a few weeks to study Science & Engineering and wants to be an Officer in the RAF… Proud beyond words… the sky is the limit… we just have to BELIEVE!!”


Champion of Champions!

Alex Forsythe, co-founder of Dyslexic Kids, is the best of the best! Grand champion of all the grand champions! Way to go, Alex! She built a Particle Accelerator and a Supercomputer to run the Particle Accelerator!