Amazon introduces $99 Kindle Bundle for Kids

Amazon introduces “Kindle Bundle for Kids” including a Kindle, cover, and warranty. The $99 Kindle Bundle for Kids also includes “Kindle FreeTime” which measures reading progress, tracks accomplishments and allows the child to earn achievement badges for reaching various milestones. Find out more here:

Even Tiny Updates to Tech Can Be Obstacles to the Disabled

Is technology being designed with everyone in mind? Not according to this author who feels tech is designed for the masses, not for those who need it most.

“A device that translates my typed words into a voice is my link to the world. But often these are… made for the masses… And as technology is iterated, I can already see ways in which it has and will continue to create new barriers unless its creators consider a more universal approach… By designing from a place of empathy, with an eye on accessibility and universal design, developers have the power to improve and enhance the lives of millions of people like me.”

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Google Impact: Disabilities

The new Google Impact: Disabilities program seeks to “build awareness, identify solutions and help create universal access for people with disabilities.” Members of the general public are encouraged to submit “What If” questions — essentially suggestions for accessibility issues they’d like solved. The program is accepting most and any all ideas until September 30, 2015 at 2:00 pm, Pacific Daylight Time.