Helpful Chrome Extensions

Helpful Chrome Extensions
no caps – Makes everything lower case
Open Dyslexic: changes the font to Open Dyslexic and makes it larger.
Dyslexie: changes the font to dyslexie and allows change to font size and colour (blue). Can be turned off. (Doesn’t seem to work on facebook)
Font Changer: Allows you to change the font on specific website or on everything using a Google Font. I believe you can also upload your own, if there’s a specific font you need.
BeeLine Reader: Uses a gradient so your eye follows along one line to the next

Overlays/Color change

Color Overlay – Irlen Filter for Chromebook: Puts a coloured overlay over the screen. can choose colour and opacity.
Sunglasses: Tints the screen grey to reduce contrast
Desaturate: Removes all colour and makes everything a greyscale
High Contrast: Change contrast or invert colour scheme
Deluminate: Similar to High Contrast, but tries to keep photos in tact
G.lux: Makes the colour of the display change depending on the time of day (also cuts down on blue light so it’s easier to fall asleep)
reduce visual distraction
Readability: Can change things such as margins, colours, etc… as well as reduce visual business
Ad Block Plus: blocks ads. What more needs to be said?
FlashControl: Stops flash animations running by themselves
Hide GIFS: Allows you to keep GIFS from displaying
Text Mode: Loads pages in black/white, covers images, with text only.
SpeakIt!: Reads small section of highlighted text aloud
Chrome Speak: Reads small section of highlighted text aloud
Announcify: Reads full web pages. Warning: may stop in the middle of text or not read for the full thing.

compiled by 18-year old Prinz Fee on Tumblr (