Square peg, round hole

Square peg, round hole

Isn’t it more effective to change the board so that all of the pegs can fit?


Fix Your Local Factory

“If Apple had a 10% failure rate, consumers would be outraged. At least 10% of students have dyslexia and are not receiving an adequate education. We, as consumers, should be holding schools up to at least the same standard as we hold the manufacturer of a gadget. However, even when schools want to change, they cannot make these changes alone. They need your help. What can you do as a consumer?” Read the rest of the Dyslexic Kids blog here:

Teaching Without Words, a TED talk

This TED talk about the ability to teach without words is thought-provoking, particularly the pie chart in the beginning which identifies the tiny percentage of students who can excel under the traditional methods of teaching. Why not adopt a teaching method that will allow all students to excel? The computer program in the video is one idea, but there are so many simple changes that can be made!