“There is no objective way to measure something as subjective, as deeply personal, as an individual child’s learning.”



Success Story!

Success story! A note from proud mom Lisa Kelley, whose son is our latest hero: “My son has Dyslexia and passed all his GCSE’S today… just want to give encouragement to all young people on their learning journey, as it’s very difficult at times…its been a long and difficult journey for my son and as a Mum it’s torture watching them torture themselves through the challenges Dyslexia can bring. But with hard work and support everything is possible!! My son will begin college in a few weeks to study Science & Engineering and wants to be an Officer in the RAF… Proud beyond words… the sky is the limit… we just have to BELIEVE!!”


Champion of Champions!

Alex Forsythe, co-founder of Dyslexic Kids, is the best of the best! Grand champion of all the grand champions! Way to go, Alex! She built a Particle Accelerator and a Supercomputer to run the Particle Accelerator!

American Library Association ACPL Teen Advisory Board

Both of us (Scott Forsythe and Alexandra Forsythe) became active volunteers for the library long before we were reading at grade level. No one cared more, or tried more, to encourage us to love reading than the librarians at ACPL! The work they do is so important and they put their whole hearts into it. The library is like a second home to us now, and the librarians are like family. Our level of gratitude cannot be adequately expressed, so we do what we can to pay it forward. As board members of the ACPL TAB, we help the library come up with new, innovative ways to encourage the next generation to read, regardless of their learning differences.

Your local library is a treasure – perhaps more so than you realize. We would encourage you to get to know your local librarian. They can make such a difference in the life of your child!