Dyslexic wins Order of the British Empire award

“English actress and 3-time Emmy Award winner Susan Hampshire went 30 years of her life before finding out she had dyslexia. Now, when she’s not acting in television or film roles, she devotes her time to dyslexia awareness and intervention efforts. This work has earned her the Order of the British Empire award.” These success stories are fantastic, but they also remind us that young children need and deserve opportunities for diagnosis at an earlier age.


The words before me
Just don’t work
I look at them
And feel like a jerk

What comes so easy to others
Escapes so from me
(Even though I stare and stare)
It remains a mystery

The kids at school
Don’t understand or care
That I don’t see what they do
It’s just not fair!

The parents’ fight
“ You’re smart”—the teachers try
To give me feelings of self worth
But sometimes I think they lie

What’s wrong with me?
Why don’t I see?
What everyone else can…..
What everyone else can see?

They give my problem a name
There’re millions of us out there
Fighting the same fight
Do I join them, if I dare?

The words come slow
But with each battle won
The words before me
Become more fun

One leap forward
And three steps back
I’m eating words
Like a long awaited snack

I still can’t spell
Names kill me
And I hate to read aloud
But I am finally free

Those out there with this problem
Hear these words and know
That you ARE Smart!
And you have so far to go!