We’re back from NASA!


We’ve returned from our NASA internships and we’re ready to get back to Dyslexic Kids! First off – we highly recommend that all high school and college students who have dyslexia apply for NASA internships through the NASA OSSI website (https://intern.nasa.gov/ossi/web/public/main/). NASA is always looking for creative problem-solvers, and who fits that bill better than students who have dyslexia? The types of internships are varied in location, duration, experience, and scope. A high school student can work for a couple of weeks putting together educational materials for schools, or a grad student can work for a year conducting research for the next space mission – the possibilities and combinations are seemingly endless. Our internships were the best experiences of our lives! We’ve been asked to return next summer and we can’t wait! 😀
Second – Alex is currently applying for college admission and scholarships. We’ll keep you informed about that process and include Alex’s tips and observations over the next few months.
Third – Scott is starting his sophomore year as a computer engineering major at Purdue. He managed to end his freshman year with a perfect 4.0, and he’ll include his tips and observations over the course of the school year.
We’re thrilled to be back! We missed you!