The words before me
Just don’t work
I look at them
And feel like a jerk

What comes so easy to others
Escapes so from me
(Even though I stare and stare)
It remains a mystery

The kids at school
Don’t understand or care
That I don’t see what they do
It’s just not fair!

The parents’ fight
“ You’re smart”—the teachers try
To give me feelings of self worth
But sometimes I think they lie

What’s wrong with me?
Why don’t I see?
What everyone else can…..
What everyone else can see?

They give my problem a name
There’re millions of us out there
Fighting the same fight
Do I join them, if I dare?

The words come slow
But with each battle won
The words before me
Become more fun

One leap forward
And three steps back
I’m eating words
Like a long awaited snack

I still can’t spell
Names kill me
And I hate to read aloud
But I am finally free

Those out there with this problem
Hear these words and know
That you ARE Smart!
And you have so far to go!