Bald Eagle rescue!

I rescued a young Bald Eagle today! Fun fact: eagles aren’t fond of being handled. I was thankful for my Kevlar gloves and the training I’ve received; large raptors can be grumpy and those talons and beaks are sharp!

After carrying him a quarter mile through a marshy field, it was off to the vet for a medical evaluation. Dr. and I checked him out on behalf of Soarin’ Hawk and we are thrilled to report that it looks like the eagle only has soft tissue damage. That means he’ll probably be released soon. By the way, Bald Eagles don’t get their white head and tail or dark coloring for a few years after hatching.

Adding to an already great day, an adult Bald Eagle was perched in a tree in my front yard, a flock of 100 Sandhill Cranes flew overhead, and our Turkey Vultures are back. Sweetest Valentine’s Day ever!

~ Alexandra Forsythe, president of Dyslexic Kids