Updates to Google Classroom and Expeditions

“Using Google Classroom, teachers can now share summaries of student work directly with parents. After accepting an invite from the teacher, parents can keep abreast of how their children are performing on a daily or weekly basis. For students, Google Classroom is helping them with their homework, or at least giving them tools to complete it faster. The new Annotation feature gives students a portable classroom whiteboard that they can use to sketch out whatever they need for a given assignment. The annotations can be submitted along with assignments so that teachers can comment or even grade directly on student’s annotations to let them know that they’re on track. Google Expeditions is also getting a back-to-school upgrade with all new Expeditions! Now, students will be able to go inside the human body, take a tour of the White House gardens, head down to the ocean floor, or up to the moon.” Read more here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonykarcz/2016/08/17/google-classroom-and-expeditions-updates/#cfe5b9072cdd