Way to go, Fabian!

Everyone should keep an eye on this remarkable young man – he is a game changer who will go on to do great things! I received this note from his wonderfully supportive mom, and I could not be more proud to have “met” both of them!
Hi Scott,
Congratulations on your graduation and on your internship! Very admirable!
We were in touch earlier this year about my 10 year old having to sit SATS in UK. I read your words of encouragement to him. I just wanted to send you an update which you’re welcome to share.
We kept working until the end for him to achieve the best possible results although we expected him to fail across all boards. BUT, Fabian somehow managed to PASS his READING and MATH and although he didn’t pass his SPaG. Had it been separated he would have PASSED both WRITING/PUNCTUATION and GRAMMAR and only fail spelling. Needless to say we’re incredibly proud!!!
He also went on and received the headteacher award for outstanding work at the end of year assembly! And he finished primary school as a “free reader”.
He is so happy I can’t tell you! ☺️👍☺️
Take care! All the best, Nina