3-D Thinking in the Real World

Update from my internship at NASA!

Some people are aware of the unique strengths that often accompany dyslexia, but they do not see them as useful. For example, I have read posts and messages from people who question whether 3-D thinking is actually helpful or applicable to real-life situations.

3-D thinking is a very useful skill for several reasons, but I have been dealing very directly with one of its most obvious applications; virtual modeling. I am working with several other people on a very complex model that actually simulates individual particles of light as they move through space, in order to compare the data to the real object.


My ability to think and solve problems in 3-D has allowed me to contribute several important insights and solve problems that had existed for nearly a year. Beyond that, I was able to quickly design both CAD and paper models of the object so that I could help the rest of the team visualize them.

Always remember that every talent is useful when it’s nurtured and allowed to flourish.

Scott Forsythe, founder of Dyslexic Kids