Founder of Dyslexic Kids Graduates with Honors

Despite his dyslexia, Scott Forsythe (founder of the Dyslexic Kids Support Organization) graduated from high school with honors this weekend. He has been selected by NASA as a software development intern, and he is heading to college this fall on a “full ride” scholarship (tuition, books, room and board) pursuing a computer engineering degree from Purdue University.
As a young child, Scott’s teachers asked to have him removed from their classrooms due to his “disruptive inability to read”, and he was labeled “hopeless” by so-called experts. Scott faced his challenges head-on, learned to read at a post-graduate level, aced his college admissions tests, and was accepted by all 7 universities to which he applied. All of the universities offered him generous merit scholarships, and four offered full-ride scholarships. He also won several national scholarships ranging from $2500 – $25,000.
The next time an “expert” tells you a dyslexic child is hopeless, close your ears. No child is hopeless, regardless of the severity of their learning difference. With the right intervention and support, every child can reach their full academic potential!