New leadership for Dyslexic Kids

Scott and AlexBig announcement! My younger sister Alex (Alexandra) has been helping me with Dyslexic Kids behind the scenes for years now, and she’s ready to help take charge. Alex is 16, she has dyslexia and dyscalculia, she’s a brilliant electrical and electronic engineer (She designs her own circuit boards, sends them out for fabrication, then assembles and tests them herself! At 16!), and she’s a renowned ornithologist. She’s given 60 presentations across the U.S., and she’s building her own fully-functioning, life-sized R2-D2 astromech robot! As a freshman in high school, she took the ACT without accommodations and got a 31 (top 4% nationally), including a perfect score on the English section. You may have seen her website for struggling readers: In short, she’s brilliant and I’m very proud of her. You can read more about her at