“Who has a learning disability?”

“Who has a learning disability?”
by OgenB on Deviantart

Why little kid you seem to be a bit jumpy.
You have must ADD.
You can’t read?
Then you have dyslexia.
If I can’t teach you, you of course, can’t learn.
I’m not the problem, look at the grade you have earned.
So I throw you in a class where you learn ABC’s three hundred times
With shut ears, and closed minds. Where every independent thought
Can be crushed into another learning disability.

What’s that son? You’re trying to read?
Who was the fool who taught you that?
Taught yourself?
Seems I was wrong.
You must have a learning disability
When it comes to writing.
Because my son I am afraid
You could never write more than a page
When you write you don’t make the grade.
Your sentence structure is all wrong.
Your grammar is just too far gone,
Join this class where you won’t have to worry that little mind,
Every little letter can be sounded out for you.

Huh what’s that kid? You started writing?
You shouldn’t be dreaming about writing books.
Accept it kid your life is done.
Your learning’s course has ended its run.
I think you should quit high school while you’re ahead.
So don’t read, don’t write. Don’t even try to fight
The disability is stronger than you.
Never struggle, never try.
Give up your dreams before you die.
That’s the way you should always live life.
With as little effort, as little strife.

You have a problem with this program?
Well didn’t you know?
We aren’t preparing you for a golden life.
You are just a hopeless case.
Another waste of the human race.
So don’t blame me for not trying,
I kept you in a normal class for a whole two years.
You failed behind all of your peers.
You failed every single class.
And you expect me to work my ___?
So I told you give up, told you to halt.
You didn’t listen. This is your fault.
I told you not to dream
A dream turns into a nightmare
When the dream isn’t possible.
I tried to watch out for you
And what did you do?
You turned your back on me.
Like I turned on you.