No Pineapple Left Behind

Can a game lead to education reform? Or at least encourage more dialogue? The maker of “Pineapple” hopes so.

“In Pineapple, you play the role of a principal in charge of a school and your ultimate goal is to earn as much funding as possible. To do that, you need to ensure it produces the highest standardized test scores. By dehumanizing kids and turning them into pineapples (read: statistics) that makes it easier because “pineapples,” as they exist here, excel at testing and nothing else. Alter says that the biggest message he wants to send is that what he’s showing isn’t exaggerated or that it isn’t how the education system might be in a few years — it’s how it is right now. Each of the game’s scenarios draw from situations he’s witnessed either firsthand or through stories he’s heard from friends and colleagues.”

What do you think? Read about the game here: