Dyslexia Symposium 2014

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The Dyslexia Symposium was fantastic! The audience was very engaged and interested, and we had great speakers! Many thanks to Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry for proclaiming October 11 to be Dyslexia Awareness Day and for his powerful speech. Ms. Darla Ashton informed us about some wonderful technology that students can use in the classroom and at home, Ms. Connie Brown gave us a thorough presentation regarding the ways in which parents can obtain accommodations for their children in public schools, Ms. Kris Lill told us about the countless resources that have been designed by the Allen County Library specifically for children with dyslexia, and we got to hear about tons of resources available to families and homeschooled students. We also had specially trained tutors on hand to talk to people, and we had a lot of demonstrations. Great day!