Developing Your Skills

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Students – what are you passionate about? How do you find time to pursue your passions? What outlets have allowed you to learn from experts and demonstrate your proficiency? Students with dyslexia, if given the opportunity, often demonstrate spectacular talent and proficiency in an area about which they are passionate. Unfortunately, the school structure often does not allow much time for such pursuits. 

For example, my high school classes do not allow me to delve as deeply into computer engineering as I would prefer. I could do it on my own, but I prefer a situation in which my work is judged by professionals so that I can better gauge my progress and mastery while learning from experts in the field. Thankfully, in the case of engineering (my passion), those outlets were available. I love computer programming and developing game levels (Skyrim, etc.), but to perform those tasks I needed a more powerful computer than what I could find on the market at a reasonable price. I designed and built a high-end computer from scratch. It was fun and I learned a great deal in the process. My computer’s performance has met, and in some instances exceeded, my expectations. Tomorrow morning my computer will be reviewed and judged by engineers. I’m looking forward to hearing their comments and suggestions and learning even more from them!

~ Scott Forsythe, age 17 and founder of the Dyslexic Kids support organization for children and teens with dyslexia