A note from 18-year old Adrian:

A note from 18-year old Adrian:

Sometimes I feel really stupid because I read words different than other people. Sometimes I look really silly because I have to ask what words mean because even though I know them when people say them, seeing them written down is just confusing.

But I’m not stupid just because I am dyslexic. I choose to try my hardest to learn how words look and I try to make sure I practice writing and spelling words.

I get smarter because I try. 

And just because I can’t read words, doesn’t mean I can’t read faces, understand art and ideas. I understand Shakespeare better than most people. Don’t let people teach you into being stupid.

So listen here, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t ever be smart because your brain is different. You’re difference might have some cool upsides too. More visual, more understanding of internal workings in the mind. You can be smart, don’t let people fool you into thinking that different is a synonym for dumb.