Tips for Reluctant Readers

Tips for Reluctant Readers

This is slightly off of the tools and tech topic, but worth mentioning before I discuss eReaders like Kindles. When your child is reading, try to create a reading-friendly atmosphere. Check the lighting. Is it bright, but not glaring? I know I’m in the minority here, but fluorescent lighting dramatically affects my ability to read and gives me a headache. 

Is the reading area quiet and comfortable? Are there distractions? Does it feel too much like school and therefore stressful? Or does it feel cozy and safe?

Does your child have a reading buddy that won’t be judgmental? I would suggest a pet. My guinea pig helped me. I was able to read to Lucy without fear of being judged, corrected or ridiculed. It was much less stressful than reading to a tutor, teacher or parent, and it allowed me to relax and concentrate.

Are the reading materials dry and dull? Or are the reading materials fun and interesting, preferably about a hobby or passion of the student? Reading is painful for us. If you want us to read, the content has to make that pain worth it! Choose reading materials that are about a topic that the student loves. The reading materials need not be limited to book formats. Comic books and magazines have small chunks of words with lots of interesting visual content, and they tend to have a particular focus of interest to the reader.

Here are more ideas for helping struggling readers:

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