Dyslexia Symposium 2013

Dyslexia Symposium 2013

The Symposium was a huge success! The crowd was even larger than expected, and the speakers (Ms. Baxter, Ms. Gray and Ms. Lill) are without question the best in their fields. They are knowledgeable and engaging, and I left the symposium feeling empowered.

Ms. Kristin Baxter from Dyslexia Institute of Indiana gave a wonderful overview about dyslexia, its symptoms and its gifts, and she shared the numerous services DII provides (http://www.diin.org/).

Ms. Laurie Gray, well-known attorney and author, delivered a powerful presentation about bullying and the laws in Indiana (http://www.socraticparenting.com/).

Ms. Kris Lill shared all of the remarkable resources the Allen County Public Library is providing to assist children who have dyslexia (http://www.acpl.lib.in.us/).

I spoke about my experiences, why I created the Dyslexic Kids support organization for children and teens with dyslexia, and the resources I provide (http://dyslexickids.net/Welcome.html).

Ms. Tina Bailey, a local tutor who specializes in helping children with dyslexia, was on hand to answer questions (ABetterChance2Learn@yahoo.com), as was Specialty Tutoring (http://specialtytutoring.com/) and Mr. Kenny Baxter (kenny@chromagenvisionllc.com).

It was a fantastic symposium and I am so grateful to each of these wonderful people for donating their time! I videotaped a portion of the symposium and will share that with you later today.

Scott Forsythe, Dyslexic Kids