Lexicon, a composition inspired by dyslexia

Composer Andrew Lewis, father of a dyslexic child, has created a sonic work, “Lexicon”, which uses sights and sounds to convey the complexity of language and emphasizes the challenges faced by people with #dyslexia

In the composition, a number of people with dyslexia read passages from “As I See It”, the poem that inspired the composition. “I didn’t let them see it before the recording and they were struggling to read what it said, but I was trying to compute their struggle through sound. It led to some interesting and unexpected outcomes.” Lewis then used computers to manipulate the sounds of the voices. “Sometimes you can hear the words being said, but sometimes you can’t make them out. Sometimes they are quite chaotic and jumbled and something new can emerge.”

– See more at: http://specialedpost.com/2013/05/13/composers-sound-and-vision-new-piece-inspired-by-dyslexia/#sthash.v8JHXqlx.dpuf


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